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We are specialists in education  and will work with you to alleviate the challenges you are facing whether that be in growth, Brexit, staff, networking, building partnerships or in marketing your services to a wider audience.

We also provide governance and Non-Executive Directorship to your business to provide you with the challenge you need to adapt and grow.

If business continuity is on your mind then we can support you with all methods of personalised, high quality recruitment and training that will represent your brand as a high calibre employer.

As our company’s singular aim is furthering your company, brand and profits, our service is highly integrated into your business. We take pride in tailoring our solutions to your business – click the button to see how we can support you.

Bringing in a digital system can feel unnecessary sometimes. Your people know what they are doing on Excel, right?

Going digital can be intimidating, and its not just you that you need to worry about. Your staff do not like change, and you are worried that if you try to bring in a system, some of your best people will leave you.

These concerns are completely normal and not insurmountable!

Our team is made up of successful Project Managers, experienced at analysing company needs, effectively communicating and supporting the “Emotional Cycle of Change”.

Building supportive networks can have strong positive influences on our mental health and can often generate new work. Moreover, an introduction of your employees to your wider network in the sector can greatly improve their development, loyalty and will really support them on their chosen career path.

Our overriding aim will always be the growth and development of your company. For that reason, we open our networks to all our customers and are happy to support with the development of networking skills.

Brexit has been hard on our sector, causing headaches from recruitment hindered by new immigration laws, to bogging us down in paperwork at ports.

A huge amount of process change will be needed in most operations to accommodate the UK’s new position in the world and it can be a challenge to juggle managing your current contracts, training staff on new processes and ensuring you are legally compliant all at the same time.

Your Learner Management System and digital engagement strategy has never been more important.

Get ahead of the Lifetime Skills Plan and ensure successful tenders by strengthening your virtual engagement and provision.